The Future of Veterinary Practices

The pandemic brought about a lot of rapid changes to the functions of veterinary practices. Many vets had to transition to providing their services in different and often unique ways. As we are starting to see the signs of more “normal” days, exploring the question of what veterinary practices can expect in the future is important. We’ll cover some ways we anticipate how post-covid veterinary practices will look. 

Curbside Visits and Pet-Only Clinics

More vet clinics might adopt the solution of offering curbside pet drop offs going into the future. While this system is the result of social distancing necessities, the convenience of dropping a pet off for a vet visit makes it a promising feature of vet appointments moving forward. Veterinary practices should seek client feedback before pursuing this option since clients should be on board too. Still, pet-only clinics could make sense for routine checkups and other basic visits. 

Virtual Visits 

Virtual visits are another pandemic trend that could stick into the future. Vets might prefer to use a virtual examination to help assess the animal ahead of an in-person appointment to prepare treatments or decide what future attention the animal needs. Virtual visits allow the owner and the vet to communicate clearly despite not being in the same room. Vets meeting with clients over video chat could become a fixture of vet practices. 

Increased Vet Mental Health 

An unexpected outcome of the pandemic could be the increased mental health of vets. Vets often struggle with finding a healthy work-life balance due to balancing long shifts with maintaining a personal life. The pandemic introduced ways for vets to take breaks through things like virtual appointments and reduced hours. Moving into the future, vets may carry over some of the scheduling and techniques they used during the pandemic in order to preserve their love for their work without sacrificing their wellbeing. 

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