Scary Horse Story: The Thoroughbred and The Psychic


I was recently told a story that actually gave me chills.  This is an amazing story!

Because of some health issues I was having, my daughter, an equine veterinarian and acupuncturist, encouraged me to see an acupuncturist.  I had some friends that had told me about a young man in our town that was phenomenal and was highly regarded and recommended in our community.

During my first session, as he was letting me relax after the first few needles were set, we were talking about horses and he told me this story.

He had a friend who was a horse chiropractor and also very active in the rodeo circuit.  She had a friend who was an equine veterinarian that specialized in dental care for horses.  He had started a clinic/school, specifically for training dental expertise in horse vets.

A desperate horse owner brought a horse to him as a last resort to figure out what was wrong.  The horse was a very expensive thoroughbred show horse that he had recently purchased and planned to continue to show.  However, shortly after bringing his new horse home, the horse started losing weight at an alarming rate and was flighty and nervous all of the time.  This was an abrupt change from the horse he thought he had purchased.  He took the horse to several different vet clinics in hopes of finding the culprit of the sudden changes.  Each time, only disappointed to be told, that the doctors could find nothing physically wrong with the horse.

As a last desperate measure, he hauled the horse several hundred miles to the equine dental clinic/school mentioned above.  This story was relayed from the dental school veterinarian to my acupuncturist’s friend, the horse chiropractor.

After explaining one more time, the odd changes and frustrating search for an explanation, the horse owner admitted that he even consulted an animal psychic.  He chuckled with embarrassment when he told the veterinarian, but said he was willing to try anything, but had not heard back from the psychic since he had sent her some of his horse’s mane, “so she could gain a connection, with the horse.”

After another even more thorough examination of the thoroughbred, the owner was again given the news that there was nothing physically wrong with him.  The vet asked him to let him know if anything changed or he heard back from the psychic.

He took the horse home, frustrated and defeated.  He finally heard from the pet psychic, she told him the horse had communicated to her that “The little people were terrorizing him.”

This made no sense to the owner as he had no children around his barn.  The horse was not at the track where jockeys could be the little people the horse referred to.  Passing off the psychic as a quack, he didn’t think much more of her statement, but he did call the dental vet to pass on what the psychic had told him.

Since the communication made no sense, the vet recommended setting up a camera in the barn, to see what mischief might be going on.  The horse never ate in front of his caretakers, but each morning, his feed bucket was empty, so they assumed he was eating after everyone left the barn for the night.

What they saw on the videos stunned them.

In the dark of the night, four monkeys, presumably from a nearby backyard zoo, entered the horse’s stall.  One of the monkeys frightened the horse to the corner of the stall and held him there by waving his arms and shrieking at the horse.  While the first monkey terrorized the horse into staying in the corner, the other monkeys ate all of his feed.

I told you it was chilling.  I have always wondered about the ability of some, to communicate with our four legged friends, and wished I had the gift and/or capability.

Whether true or not, it makes you wonder.

I hope you all are having a wonderful spring with your special equine friends.

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